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Waxing Services Made Easy at Ellie K

June 15 2020
Waxing Services Made Easy at Ellie K

While we’ve all been stuck inside, it’s no doubt our waxing routine has gone by the wayside. Time to get back to normal with nicely shaped eyebrows and to get rid of that upper lip hair! While you’re at Ellie K Salon getting your hair taken care of, our lip and brow waxing services are an easy add-on.

Eyebrow Waxing

Did you know? The perfect eyebrow shape can make you look younger. Our stylists are experts in shaping your eyebrows to complement your bone structure, giving you an instant face lift. The right brow shape frames your eyes, highlights your assets, and gives you a more youthful and put-together appearance. 

Frequent waxing hurts less. Eyebrow waxing is only mildly uncomfortable, but with regular waxing each treatment will hurt less as your hair becomes finer and regrowth slows.

Enjoy up to 3 weeks of shapely eyebrows. A professional eyebrow wax takes less than 15 minutes, but the results can last up to three weeks! The hair follicles are removed right from the root, giving you nicely shaped brows for longer. Because the hair will grow in lighter and thinner over time, you can also coordinate it with your hair care! Need it sooner? It’s easy to pop in for a quick 15-minute appointment as needed. 

New to eyebrow waxing? We love newbies! The best tip we can give you is to avoid putting on makeup, lotions, or other products around your eye area the day of your waxing. These products can make it harder for the wax to adhere to your unwanted hairs. 

Upper Lip Waxing

Let’s face it. Sometimes we all need a little help in the upper lip department. Unwanted hair is easy to remove and saves you from embarrassing moments, especially since we are all getting back into the summer sunshine. 

Waxing is great for even sensitive skin. Our gentle wax is a mild blend of ingredients that removes lip hair from the root. Other products such as hair removal cream can cause irritation and result in redness and even a rash. 

Regrowth will be thin with no stubble. If you currently take care of your upper lip hair at home, you may notice stubble in just a couple days. Professional upper lip waxing leaves your lip smooth. Once the regrowth starts coming in, the tapered tip of the hair feels thinner and is less noticeable until you come in for a new wax. 

Easy upkeep all at once. As you get your brows waxed, it’s quite simple to also get your upper lip waxed. The convenience of getting all your waxing needs done at the same time will ensure that your skin looks soft and smooth from every angle. 

Whether you’ve been planning on coming in to give your hair some love or you just need a quick appointment for waxing, our stylists at Ellie K Salon are here to help. Give us a call at 469-476-2400 or stop by our salon at 2552-1 Stonebrook Parkway Suite 200 Frisco, TX 75034. You can also schedule a time through our online booking and appointments through the Google app.