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The Best Bangs for Your Style

September 15 2019
The Best Bangs for Your Style

Bangs. Some love them, some hate them. Either way, there’s no debating the power quality bangs can add to your hair. If you happen to one of those that enjoys bangs, you probably already know the difference the right style can make, but choosing the best type for your hair and face shape is easier said than done. Before you leap into a fringe, make sure found the perfect type suited for your face and book an appointment with your stylist.

Round face shapes are known for soft features and with complementary bangs, you can emphasize those features. Thick bangs amp up the natural fullness of a round face shape for a flattering effect that brings out your bone structure. Though you can also go the other way with sideway bangs that help elongate the look of your face, same with micro bangs.

If your face appears straight along the sides with a jawline, long bangs are the way to go. Balance the angular appearance of a square shape with long, delicate bangs. With layered length in your bangs, you can highlight your eyes. Long A-shaped bangs achieve the look while easily keeping hair out of your eyes.  

One of the nicest things about having an oval shaped face is the versatility it lends to hairstyles and particularly bangs. Those with an oval shape naturally have a look many bangs attempt to create, so you have more of an opportunity to play around.   

Heart Shaped
Heart shapes feature a pointed chin and large foreheads. Feathered, side swept bangs help draw attention away from your forehead. Bring the length just down to the brown for the ultimate effect on a heart shaped face.

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