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Super-Cute Braid Ideas

April 29 2020
Super-Cute Braid Ideas

Braids have a long history of bringing gorgeous looks to your hair. We’ve been in love with these weaving designs for hundreds of years and it shows in many different ways you can fashion your hair with braids. There’s the simple version most learned as kids and it only goes from there with intricate, beautiful braids that are harder to pull off. No matter your braiding ability, we know there’s a style out there for you, so we put together some of our top looks. Get some inspiration for your hair and then make sure to get braiding.

Plaited Bun - Up your bun game by working in some twists to this usually straightforward style. Create a normal braid or one with more detail and wrap it until a low bun. That way you can transform a common hairdo with a hint of detail. You can even do braids along the sides or a dutch braid (the opposite of the French version) for a more elegant look.

Headband Braid - Channel your inner renaissance goddess and weave a braid around your crown. Start with thick or smaller braids on each side of your head — your choice — and pin it around your crown. The results are a natural headband of richly plaited hair, that invokes some of the everlasting styles from the past.

Fishtail - This one looks super complicated, but we promise it’s actually really easy. Start with two sections, the same in size, then bring each section to the other side, going back and forth. Just make sure you’re grabbing outside hair from the sections. Keep going down and in time you’ll have an enviable fishtail braid.

Ponytail Braid - There are many ways to do a ponytail braid but channel your inner Viking warrior with a powerful center, or a mohawk, braid falling into a ponytail or smaller braids.  If that’s not your style you can also do a chic braid in a breeze. Use the basic weave in thicker sections and place the base higher up on your head for a flattering high ponytail plait. It creates instant glam without much work.

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