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Simple Solutions for Staticky Hair

February 15 2021
Simple Solutions for Staticky Hair

We are nearing the end of winter, but those cold days and dry air are not quite behind us yet. This means that staticky hair is still a problem. If it seems like no matter what you do your hair is glued to your face or standing on end when you come inside and take off your hat or scarf, we have some simple solutions to share with you that will reduce or eliminate your frustration with static electricity in your hair. Let’s start with hair care.

Moisturize Your Hair

Winter weather calls for extra moisture for your hair. Dry hair is more prone to static. By using an ultra moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and adding in weekly deep conditioning treatments you can lock the moisture in to help keep static at bay. If your hair is very dry you might also need a leave-in conditioner to stave off dryness. Alcohol is very drying, so make sure all of your hair care products are alcohol free.

Don’t Overdry
Going out into blustery winds with wet hair is not a good idea, but it’s very important not to overdry your hair. Running the hair dryer until your strands are bone dry is a sure fire recipe for static. Whenever possible, wash your hair the night before and allow your hair to air dry. If you must blow dry, stop when your hair is still slightly damp, spritz on a light mist of conditioning spray, and allow your hair to dry naturally the rest of the way.

Switch to Natural Materials

Synthetic materials rubbing against your hair builds up a static charge, much like rubbing a balloon on your head to make it stick to the wall. Natural materials such as boar bristle brushes, metal or wooden combs, and cotton, silk or wool hats and scarves don’t build up an electrical charge as easily. Some swear by spraying hair brushes and hats with a static guard laundry spray for an extra layer of protection.

Keep Anti-Static Products On Hand
Static always seems to strike the worst when you’re unprepared on the go. Stash some anti-frizz sheets in coat pockets, in your purse and gym bag, in the car and in your desk at the office. They’ll help diffuse the static when it strikes unexpectedly. Anti-static hair spray is also great to have on hand. 

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