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Make Your Blowout Last With These Tips

November 29 2019
Make Your Blowout Last With These Tips

While a good blowout will last you between three to five days, why wouldn’t you want the benefits to last for as long as possible? It doesn’t matter if you come in every week or you only splurge on salon time every so often, you can get the most out your blow so hair stays fresh and gorgeous. We’ve got some helpful tips to have your hair softer smoother and shiner days more after your blowout.

  1. Don’t touch! Hair rarely looks better than right after a blowout, and we don’t blame you for wanting to run your fingers through, but fight the urge!
  2. Stay away from water unless you’re ready to say goodbye to gorgeous hair. Use a shower cap if you need to, but too much moisture will dampen any blowout.
  3. Silk and satin pillowcases not only feel great about work to keep your smooth and shiny all through the night.
  4. Have dry shampoo on hand. Greasy hair happens no matter how much we wish it wouldn’t, but with a good dry shampoo you’re dry to handle anything without losing any volume 
  5. Be gentle with the brush so you don’t damage any strands and lose volume. If you go in too hard and often with your hairbrush the blowout will start looking sad much faster.
  6. Put hair up at night to stop it from getting messy. Sleeping in with your hair up in a loose ponytail or bun can do wonders to maintain that just got out of the salon feel.

Of course, the best way to have your hair look amazing for longer is starting with a blowout from an expert stylist at Ellie K Salon. We’ll pamper your hair with a luxurious hair bath and finish off with a revitalizing blowout so make an appointment today. Give us a call at 469-476-2400 or stop by our salon at 2552-1 Stonebrook Parkway Suite 200 Frisco, TX 75034. You can also schedule a time through our online booking and appointments through our Amazon and Google apps