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Irresistible Styles for Medium Length Hair

August 13 2019
Irresistible Styles for Medium Length Hair

Often overlooked, medium length haircuts are having their much deserved moment in the spotlight and today’s ever-changing cycle of hairstyles it’s proving to have real staying power. Originating from those of us who could never decide between short or long locks, this latest trend is the perfect style for fun and stylish looks. 

Curled in Edges
A call back to the 90s but with a modern twist, curling hair’s edges inward makes a sophisticated and fashionable appearance. Roll the bottom of your hair slightly and enjoy the stunning effect.

Natural and Glamorous Waves
Waves can revitalize almost any style, and there’s something special about how the look works on shoulder-length hair. Subtle waves have an easy bohemian feel and make your hair look gorgeous while dramatic waves give you a touch of flair. Natural curls are also a great way to show off your length.

Nothing livens up medium-length locks like layers. Add a few pieces to your bob or wispy style and build stunning dimension. The volume this technique brings turns your hair into an envious presence. Layers work well with these amount hair and adds vitality to flat locks. 

The Part
Most medium length haircuts rely on the perfect part position. Place your’s down the middle to create an attention-grabbing style or to pleasantly frame your face while exuding an effortless aura. If that’s not your style, a deep side part can help highlight your features and keep hair in its place. 

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