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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

July 14 2020
How to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

Every season comes with its own unique challenges for your hair. Summer’s biggest challenges are dry hair caused by saltwater and chlorine, sun damage, and humidity-induced frizz. There are a few things you can do to defeat those challenges and keep your hair healthy this summer.

Start with a Trim

If you haven’t had a trim within the last 6 weeks, that is the first place to start. Keeping your hair trimmed regularly is one of the most important steps in maintaining a healthy mane. By getting regular trims you are removing damaged ends before they have a chance to cause a bad hair day.

Weekly Deep Conditioning

Saltwater and chlorine are both very drying for your hair. If you are swimming a lot to try and beat the heat, your hair needs a little extra TLC. Always give your hair a cool rinse after swimming to help minimize the effects. If your hair is already dry, start with an intensive hair repair deep conditioning treatment to help rehydrate, strengthen, and smooth your dried-out strands. Then,  follow up with a weekly deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair in great condition. This will go a long way to preventing frizz on those high humidity days. Choose products that are formulated for your specific hair type, and if you aren’t sure, ask your stylist for recommendations.

Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage

Fun in the sun and summer go hand in hand. And while this is a good thing, heat and UV rays can damage your hair and fade your color. So think about your hair the next time you apply sunscreen. There are special sunscreen sprays for your hair to help protect your lovely locks. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat when out and about is also a great way to prevent color loss and sun damage.

Turn Down the Heat

Heat damage leaves your hair looking dull and frizzy. Excessive heat while styling opens the cuticle of your hair allowing moisture to escape. You can help prevent this by using a thermal protectant to seal the cuticle when heat styling and using the lowest heat setting possible. For best results avoid heat styling altogether by allowing your hair to air dry naturally and choosing hairstyles that don’t require heat styling. For example, try braiding damp hair before bed and leaving them in all night for beachy waves in the morning.

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