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How to Co-Wash Textured Hair the Right Way

July 31 2021
How to Co-Wash Textured Hair the Right Way

Co-washing is the latest trend in textured hair care. While not great for fine, thin, or limp hair, co-washing can breathe new life into thick, curly, coarse, or dry hair, as long as you do it the right way. Doing it wrong can leave your tresses looking greasy with weighed-down curls and itchy buildup on your scalp. Let’s look at how to co-wash your textured hair the right way for softer, smoother curls.

What Is Co-Washing?

Co-washing is a process of cleansing your hair without shampoos that strip away your natural oils. It’s more than simply applying conditioner to your hair and rinsing it out. That is co-rinsing, not co-washing. Co-rinsing doesn’t cleanse the hair and will leave you with nasty buildup. Co-washing leaves your hair both cleansed and conditioned.

Cleansing Conditioner

The first thing to do is choose a co-wash or cleansing conditioner. They contain gentler cleansing agents than shampoo to remove dirt without stripping your hair. While these conditioners double as a cleanser, this is still a two-step process.

Step 1

The cleansing power of a conditioner is not as powerful as that of shampoo, so it’s going to need a little help from you. You want to completely drench your strands for a few minutes while gently massaging with the pads of your fingers, making sure you get every strand. The friction and running water will remove excess dirt and debris to allow your conditioner to cleanse more effectively.

Step 2

After rinsing well, apply conditioner generously, starting at your scalp. Massage all over your scalp and hair with the pads of your fingers for no less than 2 minutes. Remember, this gentler product needs some mechanical help to get things squeaky clean. Gently squeeze your strands to distribute the conditioner to the tips of your hair, and leave it in for another 2-3 minutes. After allowing the nourishing ingredients of the conditioner to absorb and soak loose stuck on gunk, rinse your hair well to make sure all of the conditioner-coated grime is washed down the drain.

Don’t Leave It In

While it’s true that leaving a touch of conditioner in your hair can help to smooth and tame very unruly curls, the problem with this is if you don’t rinse the co-wash conditioner out, all the dirt and grime is also left in your hair. So rinse it all out and apply some fresh leave-in conditioner for an extra shot of moisture and control. (Keep in mind that this does not work well for every hair type.)

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