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Hairstyles When You Don’t Have the Time to Dry

November 14 2019
Hairstyles When You Don’t Have the Time to Dry

You sleep through your alarm or after to dash out the door sooner rather than later. We’ve all been there. Being in a rush is stressful and can really cause problems for your hairstyle. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to do your hair the way you’d like and dry shampoo isn’t enough, but what does that mean for your hair? In any other circumstances, you’re better off drying hair, but everyone has those days when it’s not practical.

Luckily, there are some simple styles you can throw together while hair is still wet, saving you the time it takes to dry, either naturally or with a dryer. 

  1. Braids - The beauty of braids is that they perform double duty on wet hair. The twists hold wet hair in place as it dries so you get a fast style that will hold well throughout the day. As your wet locks dry they take the same shape as the braids so that when you’re ready to take them out, hair is beautifully wavy without any need for heat.
  2. Buns - Putting your hair up will always be an easy way to look great with a lot of time and effort, and buns offer a simple style that looks beautiful no matter if you’re hair is wet or dry. Wear a bun low, loose, messy, any way you wear a bun, you can be on your way without picking up the hairdryer.
  3. Mix the two When your hair is wet and you don’t have too much time to dedicate to a style before running out the door, it can seem like there isn't much option. There are braids and buns mentioned, but both those have other styles within them and you mix and match to create a quality look in less time. Quickly braid hair around your crown and slip the rest into a low bun, stack buns, or go for a more intricate fishtail braid. Just because you’re running late doesn’t mean your wet hair has to show it!

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