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Hair Colors You Have to Try this Spring

March 15 2020
Hair Colors You Have to Try this Spring

Getting tired of your current hair color? Have no fear, because our stylists are here with recommendations to dye your do. We’ve got the latest trends so you can get a hip, sexy color perfectly suited to your style. As spring and summer get closer, we’re already starting to see which hair colors will come to rule. That means there’s a great time than now to come in for a fresh color. 


Tweed isn’t just fabric anymore. It’s one of the coolest colors out there. Created using the balayage technique, the result is an earthy blonde that weaves in with highlights for extra dimension. The thing that truly makes tweed special and one of the reasons everybody wants this color is the way it leaves natural darker roots exposed for a grounding effect. 


Want to look like a sweet peach? We have the hue for you. The vibrant orangish pink pastel will have you feeling like fun and quirky just in time for the warmer weather. If you’re not afraid to play around with bolder colors, go for a luscious peachy look.

Melted Ombre

As if ombre wasn’t good enough, now there’s a melted version of it, you’ll fall in love with. The colors blend together into a multidimensional look seamlessly for a smooth, natural appearance. And it works with your base color, so you won’t have to worry about any noticeable, sharp transitions.


To some, brown hair is just that, but we know better and understand how even the slightest change in shade can mean everything to your hair. It’s that same mentality making cola hair one of the trendiest colors. This brunette tone looks incredible on fairer complexions, and with some red highlights, you can make your hair it’s own cherry cola.

Whether you’ve been planning your perfect color for some time now, or in the mood for something else, but aren’t quite sure, our stylists at Ellie K Salon are here to help. Give us a call at 469-476-2400 or stop by our salon at 2552-1 Stonebrook Parkway Suite 200 Frisco, TX 75034. You can also schedule a time through our online booking and appointments through the Google app.