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Guide to Repairing Damaged Hair With Aveda

October 31 2021
Guide to Repairing Damaged Hair With Aveda

Your hair is one of the most exposed parts of your body, and as such, it suffers a lot of abuse as you go about your daily routines. Without the proper care and precautions, it can quickly become dry, brittle, unhealthy, and damaged. If this is the state your hair is in right now, don’t despair. There is help for your lackluster locks. Today we will guide you through the steps to repair and protect your damaged hair.

How Damage Occurs

There are four general types of damage that happen to your hair. The first is chemical damage that comes from things such as bleaching, coloring, straightening, and perming. The second type is caused by heat. This can be brought on by your hairdryer or your flat iron and curling iron as you style your hair. The third type is environmental damage from sun exposure and air pollution. And the fourth type of damage is physical which results from things such as brushing too aggressively, pulling your hair back too tight, and brushing your hair when it's wet. While some of these things may be non-negotiable such as coloring your hair or heat styling there are steps you can take to protect your hair such as getting a trim regularly, applying thermal protectant before heat styling, and not coloring your hair too often.

Modify Your Wash Routine

Hygiene is very important, but over-washing your hair strips its natural oils leaves it vulnerable to damage and unable to repair itself. Shampooing your hair 2 to 3 times per week with Aveda Botanical Repair Shampoo will keep your hair fresh and clean while helping to repair damage rather than make it worse. Follow with Aveda Botanical Repair Conditioner every time you shampoo to further strengthen and repair your damaged hair.

Condition, Condition, Condition

Yes, you're already conditioning your hair, but damaged hair needs more help than a simple rinse-out conditioner can provide. Add a weekly or bi-weekly Aveda Botanical Repair Mask for some intensive repair and strengthening. And then take the conditioning power one step further with Aveda Botanical Repair Leave-In Treatment. It nourishes and protects your hair, strengthening your strands at the core. This treatment also protects against heat styling damage, UV damage from the Sun, and helps to detangle easily to prevent breakage. So make this a part of your daily routine.

To get started on the road to healthier hair, come see the amazing stylists at Ellie K Salon for a trim to remove damaged, split ends. While you’re here you can pick up the Aveda products you’ll need to help repair the remaining damage and get your hair healthy, shiny, and strong once again. Give us a call at 469-476-2400, book your appointment online, or download our free Google app to make an appointment today. You can find us at 2552-1 Stonebrook Parkway Suite 200 in Frisco, TX.