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Get Perfect Curls Without Heat

July 29 2020
Get Perfect Curls Without Heat

If you have naturally straight hair, chances are you’ve spent a good deal of time over the years trying to get perfect curls. You may not wear curls very often because it’s just not worth the hassle of spending all that time and exposing your hair to all the damaging heat from styling tools. But what if you could get a perfect curly hairstyle in a very short time, no heat required? Give these tricks for no heat curls a try for fabulous curls without the heat or hassle.

Pin Curls

This is a time tested method of giving straight strands some curl. Start with slightly damp hair. Twist 1 inch sections of hair around two fingers and secure with bobby pins. Once all your hair is secured, tie a scarf around your head and go to bed. In the morning remove the bobby pins and finger comb your curls to separate. 

**Tip - get tighter curls by using smaller sections of hair and twisting them in smaller circles, or looser curls by using bigger sections of hair and twisting them in larger circles. For a slightly different curl, twist the section of hair from root to tip before wrapping around your fingers.

The Tights Trick

If you want the ease of braiding, but don’t like the crimped look it can give this tights trick a try. Starting with damp hair part your hair down the middle. Place the waist section of a pair of sheer tights on top of your head. Do a French braid down each side of your head using one leg of the tights for one section of each braid. So you are basically braiding your hair around the leg of the tights. Leave the braids in overnight and enjoy your loose bouncy curls when you take them down in the morning.

Overnight Braids

If you love beachy looking waves, this is the perfect no heat styling method for you. Section damp hair and braid tightly from roots to tips and secure with elastics. The more sections you braid the tighter the waves will be. Again, you will leave your braids overnight. In the morning take out your braids and finger comb. Tousle your waves and scrunch with a spritz of sea salt spray for that beach hair vibe.

At Ellie K Salon we can help you get the perfect curls any way you want them. Trust our talented stylist for all your hair care needs so that no matter how you choose to style it your hair will look beautiful and healthy. Give us a call at 469-476-2400 or stop by our salon at 2552-1 Stonebrook Parkway Suite 200 Frisco, TX 75034. You can also schedule a time through our online booking and appointments through our Google app.