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Formal Hair Trends for the Winter Festivities

December 23 2018
Formal Hair Trends for the Winter Festivities

One of the best go-to hair styles for any formal occasion, including New Years, is the updo. Whether you’re going formal, having a night out on the town, or attending a winter wedding, you can pull off a romantic, fun, or professional look for any occasion. Here’s some of the hottest styles for updo’s this winter.

French Twist ~ The French Twist is created by twisting your hair in an upward motion then securing it with a hair accessory or bling. This is a great style if you have to look professional at work during the day then dress it up with a hot outfit for a formal event or night out.

The Chignon ~ This can be quite a romantic look but it literally means in French, “bun”. However, the type of bun is quite special since it’s worn low on the head, can be worn loose and flowy or tight and formal depending on the occasion. This is a great romantic look for winter weddings, New Year, or for that romantic night with your loved one.

Vintage Looks ~ If you want to make a statement, try a vintage style for the perfect way to get noticed. Think 1940’s Hollywood glam with one-of-a-kind curls and victory rolls. Vintage looks can look great on a day-to-day basis or for that special occasion with the perfect outfit to compliment the hair.

Braids ~ Braids never seem to go out of style. You can always count on them since they come in such a wide variety of styles for any look and all occasions. French Braids, Twisted Braids, Reverse French Braids, or Fishtails are all great braids to help you look fabulous for that winter look.

Beach Waves ~ It may be too cold to hit the beach, but your hair can still sport that loose, flowy look. You can turn your beach waves into an updo by creating a romantic partial updo where the sides are up and the waves flow down the back. If you want a more formal look, try a full updo with some of the waves loosely falling down the sides.

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