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Benefits of Glazing Your Hair

April 15 2021
Benefits of Glazing Your Hair

When it comes to hair color there is one hair treatment that does not get nearly enough attention. It can instantly breathe new life into faded lackluster strands. We’re talking about a color glaze. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this treatment and what it can do for your hair.

Color Boost
If your hair is looking a bit faded a color glaze can provide the boost it needs to bring it back to life. A hair glaze coats your strands with a wash of color that brings back the original tones and dimension of your original shade. If your hair has developed a brassy tone a glaze can help there as well. Since a glaze is not permanent it also provides the opportunity to try out a new subtle hue without committing to it long term.

Color Lasts Longer
In addition to boosting faded color, a glaze also helps to prevent future fading by sealing the hair shaft to lock in pigment. This makes it the perfect addition to your salon color. By reapplying the glaze every few weeks you’ll keep your color fresh and minimize damage from frequent coloring because a glaze does not contain any ammonia, peroxide, or other chemicals that are harsh and damaging to your hair.

Boost Shine and Repair Damage
A healthy, smooth cuticle is the secret to shiny hair. A rough and damaged cuticle leads to dry lifeless tresses. A hair glaze provides a topcoat that seals the little imperfections to repair damage to your hair shaft and lock in a beautiful glossy shine. This topcoat on your strands also helps to protect from future damage to give you healthier hair in the long run.

Dry damaged hair with a rough cuticle is prone to tangles and frizz, meaning more bad hair days than good. By smoothing and sealing the cuticle a glaze can help prevent the poof and knots. A glaze also makes fine limp hair more manageable by giving just a little boost of body and volume.

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