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Balayage: Artistic Highlights for Gorgeous Hair

January 31 2019
Balayage: Artistic Highlights for Gorgeous Hair

If you’re exploring a new hair color, you may have heard of balayage, one of the hottest techniques for highlighting hair. We get a lot of questions asking what it is and how it’s different from other techniques. Here’s a quick rundown on balayage and why it’s such a popular option.

Balayage is a highlighting technique, named from the French word that means, “to paint” or “to brush.” With balayage, your stylists brush in the highlights for a natural, blended look that mimics hair lightened by the sun. 

With traditional highlighting techniques, hair is first separated into sections with foils before the highlight color is applied. This creates a uniform highlight that looks less natural. Because the stylist paints in highlights when using the balayage technique, it’s more random and natural looking. Balayage can be called a freehand technique because the stylist chooses where to apply color. That makes it more of an artistic technique, and the color that results will be unique.

Because its so unique and the results you want will vary from others, the time it takes to create balayage highlights will vary. You might want just a few highlights, which takes only a few minutes, or you may need a layered, multicolored look that could take a few hours. Have a consultation with your stylist before your balayage appointment to talk about the results you want from your highlighting, and she’ll let you know how involved the process will be for your needs.

One benefit of balayage is the ability to showcase features you like and distract away from others since the technique is so flexible. For example, your stylist can create a look that complements your facial shape, or one that distracts away from a prominent feature you’d like to tone down.

Balayage is not just for those long, beach wave looks. Your stylist can use balayage to add highlights to any length hair, even a short pixie style. Balayage works great when you want to brighten up your own color but don’t want to commit to a full-color change. 

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