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Add Volume to Thin Hair With These Haircuts

December 14 2019
Add Volume to Thin Hair With These Haircuts

An out of this world haircut and do more than just the length and style. It’s also a great time to find a hairstyle that can add major volume to even the thinnest locks. All it takes is a perfect style, and you can see your hair go from flat to bouncy without any products. 

Full volume starts with the right haircut, so make sure you have a style that works for your thin hair. If you don’t already have a haircut in mind, check these ones out!

Light Layers

A slightly feathered can work miracles on thin hair. Certain styles can be tricky to pull off since they hold the hair down and make it look even thinner, but subtle, lightweight ends do the opposite. These layers help hair effortlessly look windswept or tousled.


Thinner hair looks best when short and blunt. And there’s no better way to do this than with an angled style. You can cut it shorter into a bob or keep a couple of inches for a lob that just brushes the shoulders. Either way, your hair is sure to get the volume and richness you’ve longed for. 


Bangs are an easy way to add instant volume in your hair. They also bring a little shape to your crown, so hair looks thicker and shows more movement. Side swept, curled, there’s a ton of ways to style bangs. 

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