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4 Expert Tips for Gorgeous Red Strands

April 30 2021
4 Expert Tips for Gorgeous Red Strands

Red is one of the hottest hair colors for spring this year. Because of the all too common myth that some people just can’t pull off red hair, many people are reluctant to choose red because they fear it won’t look good on them, or they dread the maintenance. Rest assured, anyone can look ravishing in red and maintain a vibrant color easily with just a few tips from the pros.

Tip #1- Match Your Skintone

If you’ve ever tried life as a redhead before and were less than pleased with the outcome, chances are it was because the undertones of the shade chosen did not match your skin tone. Contrasting tones in your skin and hair can leave your complexion looking washed out, yellow, or ashen. The hair color just simply looks out of place when it doesn’t play well with your skin. Your colorist will be able to help you choose a shade that compliments your skin to give you beautiful natural-looking results.

Tip #2- Don’t Wash Right Away and Do It Less Often

You just spent precious time and money to get the perfect color. Don’t be in a hurry to wash it down the drain. Wait at least 24 hours before sudsing up after you leave the salon to allow the color time to set. 48 hours is preferable. You don’t need to skimp on hygiene here, but to keep your color brighter longer you’ll want to shampoo less often. Most people only need to shampoo their hair a couple of times per week. Shampooing your hair opens the cuticle to allow oil and dirt to be washed away, and some of your colors go with it. You can freshen up between washings by investing in a good quality invisible dry shampoo. Avoid the cheap stuff unless you like the powdered wig look.

Tip #3- Swap Out Your Products

Go through all of your hair care products and make sure they are sulfate-free and formulated for color-treated hair. Specially formulated for red hair is even better. These formulas are extra gentle to help preserve your color. Regular shampoo and conditioner are too harsh and will strip your color quickly leaving you with dull faded locks.

Tip #4- Glaze It

Adding a glaze to your color boosts your shine to make your color appear more vibrant while it coats the hair shaft to lock color in longer. It can even brighten strands that have started to fade. You just can’t go wrong with glazing red hair.

The expert colorists at Ellie K Salon would love to help you find your perfect shade of red. Give us a call at 469-476-2400 or use our convenient online booking service and find out what life as a redhead is really like. To manage appointments from your phone, download our free Google app. You’ll find us at 2552-1 Stonebrook Parkway Suite 200 in Frisco, TX.